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Musima De Luxe 25 V

Price: 359 $
1 pc in stock

Musima de Luxe 25 V


Deluxe 25 is a Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar clone that was produced in DDR in the early 70's. 

Scale: 640 mm
Body: plywood
Neck: beech, three-piece, with painted beech fingerboard (imitation of rosewood), very small frets, zero fret, plastic inlays
Nut: white plastic
Binding: neck, headstock
Pickups: two single-coils
Controls: 3-position switch, 4-position "Varitone"-type timbre knob, master volume and tone knobs
Bridge:  Original Musima tremolo construction 
Tuners: 6 opened Musima tuners in a row 

The pickguard is aftermarket.

Musima De Luxe 25 V + 10

Product specs

Condition: Good
Brand: Musima
Model: De Luxe 25 V
Year: 1985
Made in: Germany
Weight: 5 kg

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